TAB Central Alabama

Business Consulting Services

We work with business owners of small, privately owned businesses to help them create effective plans for their business - and now especially ways to mitigate the impacts of the current crisis.


We are hosting FREE Virtual Boards Meetings and FREE Virtual Coaching to any business Owner who wishes to participate - just call us or email us at:

Mike Kozlik -

Advantage Resources Inc., owns The Alternative Board (TAB) franchise for Central Alabama. This is our “Strategic Planning, and Business Development Service”.


As TAB has done for over 30 years during every sort of disaster – man-made or natural -  we are reaching out to the business community which we serve and providing a means for business owners to create a strategic contingency plan which not only deals with the current crisis, but also helps mitigate the effects of any long-term impacts or a recession because of the Pandemic. And work through the implementation of that plan with fellow business owners and their assigned Advantage Resources Inc. (ARI) Executive Advisor.