My name is Jinni Dempsey and I am a Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. I have been with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 15 years and a part of the Hoover chamber for many years.

 I enjoyed being on the call this morning and hearing your information on what is available from your business. I was unable to share my information on the call this morning. 

 During this time of social distancing I am offering virtual facial pampering sessions with new clients. How this works is a new client receives a skin care pampering package in the mail to conduct in the privacy of their home. This can be for men and women. 

The package includes a personalized facial Skincare and microdermabrasion treatment along with step by step instructions. Once the client receives the package, I then set up a time to conduct a virtual pampering session and go over instructions and benefits of the products. 

This is a FREE service that I offer. The skincare packages are mailed out free of charge and include a gift card to be redeemed after the virtual session.  

I also offer these pampering packages to employers who are wanting to show gratitude to their employees working from home during this time. It is a great gift that is complimentary for you.   
I am also hosting a fundraiser with hand creams for health care workers if this interests you. Below is more information about this. 

Thank you for sharing your business offerings with me. I am grateful to be a part of the Hoover Chamber. 

Jinni Dempsey